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In-House Parts Production

CNC milling machine



VARIOVAC has reached a new milestone in the company’s history. Our new machining center was delivered on Dec. 6th, bringing with it the start of a new technical era to manufacturing at VARIOVAC. After a year of planning and preparation, the first parts will already be manufactured in January with a long-term focus on complete machining. The first step will be to manufacture parts for the VARIOVAC Optimus on the DMU95 from DMGMori. In the future, Primus parts will also be produced in-house. This CNC milling machine offers simultaneous production over 5 axes, with a lateral movement spanning 950mm (x-axis) and a room for 60 tools. Parts weighing 1000kg, with a maximum diameter of 1040mm can be produced on (less than?!) 11.7m². With such enormous dimensions, it is no surprise that these parts have to be loaded through the top. For this project, VARIOVAC recruited the help of German-based COSCOM to assist with the complex programming. Summer 2017 will bring with it another machine and a further addition to our in-house production.

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