Highly flexible control cabinet mounting 4.0

The degree of individualization of the switch cabinets increases constantly with customer requirements, whereby the number of assembly processes is geared to the functional scope of the packaging machines to be supplied.


The goal of highly flexible control cabinet assembly is to increase employee productivity through the use of innovative technologies. In addition to the time savings in the procurement of materials and necessary information for the assembly execution, an increase in productivity through the avoidance of incorrect installation positions is expected.


In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, VARIOVAC has succeeded in creating an innovative workplace system for intelligent, assisted manual control cabinet assembly with small batch sizes. The result is a cyberphysical work system oriented towards the employee, by which intelligent assistance systems can be provided for the fitter by digitally networking components of the work system.


On the one hand, visual assistance is made possible by projection of the work steps. For others, information is automatically provided and reported back by the employee. In addition, the support system creates automatic material requirement messages that enable an efficient intralogistics process. 

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