Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Rethink

Always searching for innovative packaging solutions, VARIOVAC organized a 2-day workshop in Zarrentin on the subject “Plastic-free packaging”. The Israeli packaging material manufacturer “MibaStar” provided interesting insights to packaging without plastic.

The problem? Much of the food is still sold in full or partial plastic conatiners, although the population is more informed than ever about the health dangers of plastics.

The solution? A packaging that is 100% plastic-free and consists exclusively of renewable cellulose. This makes it not only 50% lighter, but also completely compostable. By using this package, the customer is given the opportunity to actively engage for the environment.

Recyclability, sustainability and environmental awareness are concepts that will shape the future of the packaging world. VARIOVAC is looking forward to support future projects of this kind.



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