We consider VARIOVAC aware an initiative, which acknowledges our social and ecological responsibility as a fast-growing, medium-sized company in the region. Within this initiative, we are describing specific actions which VARIOVAC as a company is taking to minimize negative impact on the environment and proactively make improvements for all members of our society. 

This means that we consider social and ecological aspects as crucial in business decisions and are led by our vision: consistent customer orientation and state-of-the-art packaging technology. Those two things can only be achieved if we manage to protect our valuable resources and future generations. As stated in our mission, we offer the best solutions and excellent services to fulfill the needs of our customers, under optimal use of all resources. This is how we secure our positive development over the long-term and sustainably. VARIOVAC aware is a commitment to this very mission and the guiding principle for our environmental management strategy.  

In accordance with our environmental policy, we see it as our obligation to reduce the waste of non-renewable raw materials and, thus, to protect our ecosystem and its resources. We’ve taken the liberty to scrutinize our entire business, examine the life cycle of our products, and critically review what our machines consume daily. One thing is clear: We must provide sustainable alternatives and solutions that are in no way inferior to plastic packaging.

By developing technologies to reduce adverse environmental impact and process renewable and recyclable packaging materials, we protect future generations and ensure a smooth, long-term operation of our business. Because we cannot completely abandon packaging in the future, we need to design it intelligently and environmentally friendly.

VARIOVAC is aware of our responsibility. Nearly plastic-free packaging and designed to be recycled with other paper products. With that, we can make packaging a more sustainable part of our future.


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